Have you heard the saying that time is the currency of life? Well, I hope you believe it, because it holds true in every respect. On this side of the divide, time is all you’ve got to trade with. There is time for everything.

A common English saying asserts that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. This is especially true in investing. Investing is an art, howbeit one that is easily learnable and can be mastered. In particular, investing in real estate can be maximized when you understand the dynamics of the market within your society. What makes the market tick? What parameters determine up and down sales? What factors affect pricing? These become your guide for knowing the best time to invest in real estate.

1. Invest In Off-plan Sales

This especially applies to buying residential or commercial real estate directly from developers. Most developers in Nigeria start selling at the point of commencement of active construction as a strategy to mop up more funds for speedy work and quick delivery, and also as an assurance that their funds will not be tied down in the event of poor sales. Usually, the properties sell cheaper at this stage. So, if you cash in at this time, you’re very likely to make a good buy—whether you’re buying for habitation or for investment. However, do your due diligence to ascertain validity of vital documents.

2. Invest During Economic Downturns

For instance, in Nigeria, right now is one of the best times to invest in real estate, especially because the economy is not doing so well and coupled with the electioneering season. People are selling their properties to avail themselves funds for campaigns and people are holding back from buying properties now because they are unsure what direction the economy will take. However, smart investors know that this is the time to buy and hold for when the economy would turn around, howbeit prudently. Don’t get left behind!

3. Invest Now

The best time to plant an iroko tree was 25years ago; the next best time is today. Invest now; when you have the available funds. Waiting until the rainy day to consider investing will only leave you beaten and battered. Make that contact now and make an investment in real estate.

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