You finally did it. After much saving and/or deliberating, you finally found the house or property that suits you and took the step to buy it. So, now that all the hassle is over, you can sit and relax, right? Wrong. It doesn’t end there. Before you can start enjoying your new home, there are some things to take care of first or at least keep in mind as you move in.

Check Everything: Wouldn’t you just hate to move into your property and see that the tap doesn’t work? Or that one door knob is out of place? Ideally, these are things you should check as you’re finalizing the purchase of the property. But if you do not have the time for whatever reason, at least check everything before you start to occupy it. In fact, a good seller would encourage you to come in, take a good look at the property and check to see that everything works as it should.

Take Care of Your Documents: Buying property is not like the last day of your exam at school where you throw away your exam papers and even some study notes, or break your pen (do people still do that?). You simply cannot do away with any documents that come up in the sale or purchase of a property. Make copies of everything and keep them safe. You will definitely need them later on.

Get a Professional Deep Clean: Before moving in to your house or newly bought property, it is important that you get the house professionally cleaned so it looks and smells fresh. And, when I say the house, I don’t mean the interior only, but the exterior also. Even if the house has already been cleaned by the individual or company you purchased it from, you must still inspect it to be sure it meets your own standards. Or you can arrange with the seller for it to be professionally cleaned. Usually, cleaning should be done whether or not you bring it up, but still check, just in case.

Fixtures, Appliances and Furniture: Part of what makes up your dream house, shop or office space are the fixtures, appliances and furniture that are in it. A lot of people don’t take this too seriously and end up rush-buying and not getting the ambience they want and deserve. As you’re looking out for the home of your dreams, make time to source for the right couch, fridge, bed, office table, etc., so that the dream is complete.

Tools and Equipment: Part of owning things, no matter what they are, is dealing with wear and tear. As you live in your house over time, appliances and even fixtures can wear out. Having tools would come in handy here. Nails, hammers, drill, glue gun, etc. Whether you’re hiring someone to do the fixing or you would rather do it yourself, you don’t want to be stuck without having the proper tools or end up paying somebody 500 naira for their ladder, or whatever else.

As a property owner, you must always remember that your property is your investment. It is an asset that you should be able to cash in on one day. But in order for you to get value for your money, you must take care of it. So, buying the property is the first step, but making it worthwhile for yourself, the next buyer or whoever you will leave it to, is the next step. We hope these tips help you as you begin your journey and as you continue your journey.

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