Nearly everybody is a tenant in some way. You either rent the house you live in or the office where you work or the shop you use for business. And if you don’t, surely you know someone who does. Sadly, many people don’t take renting an apartment as seriously as they should. Your house is a large contributor to how you see and feel about yourself as well as how other people perceive you. Thus, it is imperative that you learn to deal effectively with your landlord so as to maximize your relationship.

  1. Make It Business

Renting an apartment is a business transaction, and you must treat it as such. Get it right from the beginning. Ask for and collect all necessary documents for the duration of your tenancy. Ensure that all terms are stated in print documents and duly signed by both parties. These are your security. Armed with them, your landlord cannot just wake up on the wrong side of his or her bed and make alterations that’ll be destabilizing to you. There are stated terms that must be upheld.

From the first minute you step into the apartment, whatever concerns you have, air them to the landlord upfront, before you even start negotiation. If there are parts of the building needing repairs, discuss them to know on whom the onus would lie. This helps mitigate all potential future troubles. And even after the transaction is accomplished, keep the communication channels open 24/7. You will often need it.

This is where most tenants miss it. They mishandle the property—unintentionally or otherwise. They think to themselves: “After all, it’s not my house, so why care?” Well, he that is unfaithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give him his? In addition, while you live in it, it is an extension of your self-image and a significant factor in how people perceive you, not your landlord, so why not take good care of your own living space? But, it is prudent to moderate how much you spend. You don’t have to overhaul the entire house since you will not live there forever.

Contrary to what often obtains, it is unnecessary to be at loggerheads with your landlord. Try to display an excellent measure of understanding and friendliness, as long as you have all lose ends closed up through appropriate documents. In fact, when you have a thriving relationship with your landlord, the chances for inconsiderate living terms will be greatly minimized.

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