After writing a number of articles about Real Estate and why we all should get involved, I decided it was time to change the narrative and talk about the how. After some research and talking to a few individuals at different stages in the game, I have put together a brief piece on the subject of how to break into the real estate industry.

Sources indicate that a couple of years ago, as long as you had a good location, design, price, etc., you could make off-plan sales easily and build from there. However, many unassuming buyers and investors soon found that things were not as assumed, as they soon discovered just how eroded many developers’ reputations were. Many honest buyers lost their investments to these fraudsters who posed as developers, thereby soiling the clean reputation others in the industry had tried hard to build over time; an ordeal the industry is yet to recover from.

To make sales, there must be trust. People need to have considerable trust in who they’re giving their money to. Unfortunately, trust is very scarce in the real estate market right now. And this has adversely affected especially the off-plan sales strategy. The average Nigerian cannot afford to lose their money to shady developers. This has become a major hurdle for new market entrants.

Another is liquidity. Presently, money doesn’t change hands enough in Nigeria. It’s not moving quick enough for the ordinary Nigerian to have a good amount of cash on hand or to easily liquidate monetary assets. This means that generating enough capital to start is another likely inhibitory issue for new market entrants.

So, with all the mistrust and little or no liquidity, it must be nearly impossible for one to break into the real estate scene, right? Wrong. It is still very much possible. And with these points below I will show you how.

Nothing is fair in Nigeria. The system is rigged against the honest individual, sadly. But one thing is for certain, if you can be that genuine solution for people or meet a peculiar need, no matter who you are or who you don’t know, people will come looking for you. People celebrate excellence and the best. There are enough people in Nigeria and/or Africa for you to create your own market. You don’t have to be selling the most expensive houses or only build for big names. All you need is a vision and perseverance. All you need is one good idea and the willpower to build on it no matter what. Certain things seemed impossible until someone defied the norm and did them. You too can do the impossible!

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